Custom bait molds

If you have a favorite bait, and you want to mold it, we’ll do it for you.
Also, if you see the right mold for you, but don`t have the size you need, please contact us and we will make a mold of the desired size for you.

We can produce any model of molds you request to any number of cavities.
Just contact us and we are happy to do what you need for you! Write here:





Examples of the custom molds

Example No. 1:

Our good client from Finland whose name is Janne saw we have for sale this mould:


It is a mould for the baits – Easy Shiner, bait size – 200mm / 8 inch.

Janne made the following changes: To increase the bait to the size of 27 inches or 10.8 inches. To add the scales like mold V57 and add the cavity for the eye size 13 mm and 3 fin.
And made these changes in the photo:

And this is what came of it

And these photos of lures, we have already sent Janne

This is a little story, create a great custom baits. If you want to make your custom mold, please contact us and we’ll do it together 
Best Regards, the team